Kahale Warring Jersey

The Texans spent the 2019 NFL Draft selecting interesting developmental players. Tytus Howard is a mysterious exoplanet who exists in the shadows of the solar system. Max Scharping has to learn how to use his hands correctly and fix his pass set to stop turning and shielding. Lonnie Johnson Jr. is strength and length, but doesn’t know how to use it, and needs to figure how how to overwhelm receivers at the line of scrimmage and play the ball in the air. In the third round the Texans didn’t find a weekend project, a post divorce All-American red muscle car, a picnic table that will never be sealed and painted, orange ceilings are going to remain popcorned forever. Kahale Warring will walk in, and play right now, right away.

In the Mountain West Conference Warring was an overwhelming athlete. This is important. When watching players from smaller conferences, they have to jump off the screen, and appear different than their peers. Warring is this. Unlike some tight ends that groan and ache off the line of scrimmage, Warring was a sling shot as he sprinted past the second level of the defense. He jumps off the line from a two point stance, finds a hole in the zone, and comes back to the quarterback. Six yards on second and ten from a tight end is refreshing.

Warring scorched linebackers who were stuck trying to cover him. He could run around their jam, unfazed, thanks to a ridiculous size, strength, and speed combination. At the top of his route he’d lose linebackers once he made his break. He exemplifies the old adage that depicts the importance of tight ends. He’s too fast for linebackers, and too strong for defensive backs. Off the play action he teleports around an inept jab and snags the corner route.

Play action off the jet sweep, hmmmm, looks like something the Houston Texans would run. Warring is lined up on the right side of the line of scrimmage in a two point stance against the sweatpantsuit linebacker in man coverage. This is a perfect wheel route. Warring gets wide to create space then utilizes his speed to separate from the linebacker. When he turns and runs he loses the linebacker. There’s nothing worse than a pass catcher who can’t catch and routinely allows the ball to come into his chest. Warring yanks up, high points the ball in a crowd of three, makes the catch, and backs his way into the endzone.